Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Huntsville Prison

We went to jail today :-)  it was really interesting!! There were so much history there. A few movies were filmed there. They hold death row victims there too. Ghost adventures has been there too! Lots of men that were famous were there! We got a patch too! Woo! Prisons rock! Well not really... Small and tiny but they have TV's there!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dealey Plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum

You are about to get bombarded with history right now with personal reflection in the mix. Just wanted to warn you!

So we did see the grassy knoll and where JFK was shot. There is am x in the road where he was assassinated.

So we went into the Sixth Floor Museum ( formally known as Texas Bookstore Depository). It was an audio tour so we had headsets and we could go at our own pace. There were panels of information throughout the museum too. A lot of these included picture (in black and white of course) p, campaign posters and newspaper clippings. There was also little movies throughout.

JFK was all about change and all of the newness is why people voted for him. His good looks also helped.
The TV had came out so it really was  huge deal to actually see and hear the president talk instead of seeing pictures of him and listening to him on the radio. This was the first president that the people really got to know.

They were playing "the Twist" by the Chimney Checkers and of course I was getting my groove on. I absolutely love the 50s and 60s music.

JFK established the peace corps and promoted civic and social programs. His economic policies were not very popular but he the economy was pretty lovely during that time.

The 60s still had a ton of segregation throughout the country and he backed a bill to ban segregation I'm 1963 :-)  since Kennedy believed in equal rights I wonder what his position would be on the lgbt community.

The threat of a nuclear war with Cuba happened in 62 and everyone was terrified. Kennedy refused to go to war with Cuba and he was considered  hero!

In 62 we had a man orbit the earth. America was behind Russia so JFK brought out the competitive side of people by saying we will have the man to land on the moon by the end of the decade. Sure enough in 1969 a man landed on the moon.

JFK reminds me a lot of Obama where they are focused on the young people in the community. He challenged the young to make the changes in the world.

He tried to overthrow Fidel Castro 3 months after he was inaugurated which is pretty bold.

During the videos we watched, him and Jackie both knew multiple languages so they could address whatever population they were in correctly.

One of the quotes in the video clips I enjoyed was "I look forward to an America of grace and beauty. . . I look forward to a world of world peace." I wonder what America and the world would look like if he never got assassinated. Would we have reached the "world peace" status he was hoping to achieve?

He believed his greatest accomplishment was the Test Ban Treaty where the Soviet Union and the US got rid of our nuclear bombs.

JFK made the visit in 1963 to get votes for the 1964 campaign. No president had ever one the election without getting the lone star state's vote. His assigned secret service agent was Clint Hill. He spoke a few times throughout the tour. :-) On Friday November 22 he made two speeches in Fort Worth then headed to Dallas. Several thousand people greeted him. The President was known for wandering off from the secret service to shake the hands of the people where he was visiting.

JFK said it was too nice for the bubble top on the limo. He did not want to be separated from the crowd.

In Texas they did give him a cowboy hat which he didn't even get a chance to try on.

Dallas at the time was super conservative. The newspaper ran an article entitled "Welcome Mr. President" which voiced everything they did not like about him.

The people were so excited to see the President in color!

Everyone thought it was firecrackers. He was. Shot in the chest and then in the head. Trauma teams at parkland hospital tried their hardest to save him but at 1:30pm he was pronounced dead. Everyone was stopped in their tracks especially when CBS announced the news. The announcer said that dead came flashing at him and he almost lost it on air.

Some witnesses said it was from the grassy knoll but others said they saw a rifle pointed out of the sixth floor window of the building. The rifle was right by the window. It gave me an eery feeling being able to look out the window and clearly see where he was shot.

Lee Harvey Oswald lived in the Soviet Union for 3 years and his fingerprints were there. They went to the movie theatre to find him.

The only word that could describe america was grief.

The rifle Oswald used cost $12.78. $12.78 killed the president. $12.78 stopped America.

Dallas was in a state of tension after. Jack ruby killed Oswald when the police were bringing him to the car after 2 days of interrogation. I wonder is Ruby and Oswald were in on it together. Being I'm jail for killing the Presidents killer seems a lot less intimidating than going in for killing the President.

I find it ironic that Oswald also went to parkland hospital.

In the pictures you can see the blood in Jackie's outfit. Imagine wearing your partners blood on you?

My favorite fact was on November 25 there was a line of mourners that was 3 mikes long in DC.

Johnson was sworn in on air force one at 2:38pm on November 23rd.

They showed his son saluti g which definitely choked me up.

Jackie lit the eternal flame and she paused for one last look at her husband and her face just showed complete devastation.

There are tributes all around the world including Paris, Germany, Algiers, Chile, Columbia, and Argentina.  In America, there is one in Boston, Washington  DC and Dallas.

A lot of people think that the warren commission is not accurate but seeing all the information presented ,I'm pretty sure it was Oswald.

JFK paved the way for civil rights, the peace corps and space.

A lot of people of the time felt like they were losing a family member when he died.

Since the death of senator Kennedy in 68, secret service must protect presidential candidate.

I definitely suggest coming to Dallas just for this museum. It is a huge chunk of history that happened 50 years ago this November. I' interested to keep my eyes open to see what they do for the 50th anniversary :)

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The Stewpot

So we did one of my favorite things today: COMMUNITY SERVICE :-) It was at a place called there stew pot which is community center for the homeless/chronically homeless and poor. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen for that community. They had a fully equipped dental office and just got a grant where they can have a doctor there for 40 hours a week. They run youth programs teaching enrichment, homework help and teaching about the importance of college including going on college tours. There was also a voicemail system so these people could be reached for jobs or family etc. They had an absolutely amazing art program and the paintings filled the hallways. Some of the most amazing work I have ever seen.  They also had a community garden which is amazing!

I felt really awful as I walked in with $70 gap jeans (I've had for two years) and $60 merrills that I received for Christmas awhile back. Then being able to somewhat afford going to $40000 private institution even though I complain about it. Or being able to come to Texas for $300 and have everything included. It just boggles my mind.

We had two tasks. 1. Organize coasts and 2. Organize supplies. They ask the community of Dallas to make a donation in a wrapped (in Christmas paper) shoe box with x,y, and z in it. There was razors, soap, batteries, toothbrushes, etc. One thing that people were a little shocked about at first (maybe it was just because Dr Surbrug had them) was condoms. Since my aunt travels to Africa to area where AIDS is very prevalent it wasn't very shocking to me but more thank woo yay for safe sex! Something I never thought of is as a women and being homeless what do you do when you have your period? Tampons are pretty expensive so it was nice to see them donated too!

In the end we organized 165 boxes :) I was pretty excited and felt accomplished!

Something that I challenge you to do: every hotel from here on out. Take the shampoos, conditioners etc.  and donate them to a locate homeless shelter or check out and send them to Dallas. They have over 6,000 homeless. Everything you can do will help!

Over and out :)


The guy I sat next to on the plane had a friend that went to high school with Willie Nelson and they all said he wouldn't succeed when he told them he would be famous. Look where he is now :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 1 Arriving to Dallas Texas

Getting up at 5:50am was a tad bit of a struggle today but I'm still up and awake :)
Today was mainly travel which I don't mind :) we went from Bradley to Maryland. I sat between a man that didn't want to look out the window even though he had a window seat and a woman that read the whole time. It wasn't awful I kept to myself and made bracelets :)
I liked the Maryland airport it was lovely.. Lots of restaurants and things to look at :)

The second plane we stopped in Alabama for a hot second and then came to Texas. I sat next to a chatty Cathy man with was fun because he was from Texas :) I got my interview in wooo:)he lived in Houston and  Austin for a good portion if his life. Hr has a wife and they adopted a daughter from China; her name is Abby and she is ten years old. She is a competitive cheerleader, soccer player, wants to be a doctor and she is an artist. He told me about the city of sunsets which is just different levels of decks where you can watch the sunset. I would sooooooo love to go there! I love sunrises and sunsets! He told me I came to the right place to eat! He said the texmex is exquisite and the sushi is good too! I'm sure not everyone on the trip wants sushi but being on the trip is stepping out of your comfort zone!!!! He said I should come back when I am 21 because Texas makes the best margaritas! He talked about a jalapeño one... Interesting! And he truly knows... He's been almost everywhere in the United States but the northeast. I advised him to come up during the fall :) he was so very sweet! He knew all of the history and pronounced the j instead of an h because its Spanish. This behavior I was expecting.

We got to the hotel and it is gorgeous. We had about an hour and I bonded with some friends. We went and had texmex in the mall which was sooooooo amazing. Becca and I split the deluxe 57 (4 different enchiladas, a taco and rice and beans) and quac... And that quac was the best I have ever had.

Then we walked around the mall and I bonded with some more girls. We came back to hotel and watched Notre Dame get there butts handed to them (Billy I am so sorry :( fighting Irish need to step their game up!!!)

PS. The bus is soooooooooooooooooo luxurious! It is amazing! The seats are like a slice of heaven and its just really beautiful!

Over and out  ya'll

Monday, December 17, 2012


I am looking at the hotels over dinner!

The westin park central
      The lobby looks heavenly! With neutral colors and bamboo shoots aka my favorite color scheme! The rooms are also warm neutral colors with gorgeous views. There is a heated roof top pool!! I'm bringing my bathing suit! I am very excited to stay here!

Four points
       Then rooms look comfy with white sheets! There is red, white and brown color scheme. There is am outdoor pool here. But other than that, nothing too fancy.

Dixie Dude Ranch
        This will probably be my favorite place we stay. There are a bunch of different western cabins we can stay in. There is a hot tub! They sell texican hot sauce.... That will be one of my purchases for sure! Breakfast outside made on the campfire! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!

Aloft Hotel
          This place looks psychedelic! Yes, I'm twenty years old and just said psychedelic... Even their meeting rooms are cool! I.'m not going to want to leave this hotel it's just so cool! ITS ECO FRIENDLY :-)

Sheraton Hotel and Spa
    Very classy. Reminds me of Bay Path's old marketing. Another heated pool! Looks like my inner kid might come out!

I'm so excited! Three weeks from today :) I love that Bay Path has these opportunities for me!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Every show I watch that is based in Texas or about Texans is exactly what I expect..
I'm currently watching extreme make over home edition, and it is about a soldier who was wounded in the war, from San Antonio and the culture, well the pride of being Texan is even shown in the home. In his office there was a Texan flag and it made me giggle.
Earlier in the show they had a parade on the river walk! I thought to myself "hey that's five miles long"... Haha! I hope we get to go there!

Also! Reba... A. I just love that show and b. So Texan and I love it!

I cannot wait to be embraced into the Texan culture!!

As of /right now, December 16th at 5:54 pm... We are leaving I'm 21 days /15 house and 11 minutes :)